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Installation & Service

If you’re looking for a Sisters Oregon central vacuum installation or service company, we’re glad you’re here.  Wade’s Cyclovac Central Vacuum provides Sisters and surrounding areas with world-class central vacuum systems by Cyclovac, an industry-leading manufacturer of premium central vacuum equipment.  We’re also a local family-owned business and look forward to providing our community with the kind of hands-on personal service that you would expect from a local business owner.

Wade Anderson, has installed and serviced hundreds of central vacuum systems in the Sisters area and is a top provider of the original and best-rated self-retracting hose central vacuum systems from Hide-A-Hose.

Whether you’re installing a new central vacuum system in an existing home or a home under construction, Wade’s Cyclovac has you covered with Sisters Oregon Central Vacuum services.  We can even update an older central vacuum system with the convenience of a Hide-A-Hose self-retracting hose inlet to make cleaning your home with a built-in central vacuum system even more convenient.

For all of your Sisters Oregon central vacuum cleaner needs, count on Wade’s Cyclovac.


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Our Services

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Central Vacuum Installation

We install central vacuum systems in new homes as well as existing homes throughout Sisters.  A central vacuum is the most convenient as well as a healthy way to clean your home.

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Central Vacuum Maintenance

While a central vacuum system is one of the most reliable appliances in your home, periodic maintenance will help your system perform at its peak as well as extend it’s life for many years.

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central vacuum repair

Low Suction?  No Suction? Burning Smell? Odd noise?  Our factory-trained technicians can fix your old central vacuum system like new again. 

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central vacuum supplies

Wade’s Cyclovac carries and can recommend cleaning attachments for all of your cleaning needs.  We have bags, filters and parts for almost every brand.

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central vacuum upgrades

Wade’s Cyclovac can upgrade your built-in central vacuum cleaners performance with an upgraded power unit and make your system more convenient by adding a self-retracting hose inlet by Hide-A-Hose.

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system additions

If you’re adding on to your home in the Sisters area, Wade’s Cyclovac can add additional inlets to your central vacuum to accommodate home additions.

Our central vacuum system finally died after 20 years of faithful service.  One call to Wade’s Cyclovac and we had a brand new system that was twice as strong and unbelievably quiet.  With upgrades like a new hose and tools, it now takes half the time to clean our home.  Thanks Wade.

– Debbie Galloway

“We added two additional rooms to our Sisters Utah house Wade suggested that we add a new Hide-A-Hose inlet to our old central vacuum system to cover the new areas.  We loved the retractable hose so much, we converted the rest of our inlets to self-retracting hose inlets as well.   We can’t recommend working with Wade’s Cyclovac enough – super nice people and easy to deal with. “

– Letty Ford

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