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Wade’s 20 Point

System Checkup

Our comprehensive 20 point system checkup keeps your built-in central vacuum system running like new. Central vacuum manufacturers recommend regular check-ups and service every 2 – 3 years to keep your system running optimally and prolong the life of your system.

Power Unit

1. Tighten intake, and line clamps.

2. Inspect internal motor plate gasket

3. Inspect motor and relay transformer

4. Inspect and dirt canister seal, and tighten clamps.

5. Empty and clean dirt canister clean power unit.

6. Clean protective lint screen

7. Clean power unit exterior and connecting PVC.

8. Check utility valve operation

9.Expain routine maintenance to owner.

10. Confirm warranty information is registered.






      Valve/Tubing System

      11. Check the inlet valve switch for proper sealing and functionality.

      12. Tighten all Inlet valve screws and level.

      13. Run a pressure check on entire system recording sealed and working vacuum.

      14. Troubleshoot any leakage found.

      15. Clean and Deodorize inside of tubing.


      16. Clean & Inspect all standard tools

      17. Disassemble power brush: Clean inside and out, inspect bearings, replace belt if needed, (limit one powerbrush per check-up – $29.95 for each additional powerbrush.)

      18. clean & Deodorize hoses.

      19. Ensure hose rack is installed and secure

      20 Ensure hose sock is installed properly.




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