Our Favorite Benefits of Central Vacuums


A central vacuum system can be a great addition to your Central Oregon home especially when you consider that the central vacuum benefits far outweigh traditional vacuum cleaners. There are many central vacuum benefits that make them worth considering when you’re looking at ways to improve your home especially with allergies being more prominent throughout Central Oregon. Here are some Wade’s Cyclovac’s favorite benefits:

Central Vacuums are more powerful than traditional vacuums

Central vacuums are more powerful than traditional vacuums because they have a higher suction power and air-flow than traditional cleaners. This is especially important in places like Redmond, Bend, Black Butte Ranch, and Eagle Crest Resort at elevations over 3000 feet where the air gets a little thinner. Traditional vacuums don’t work as well at altitude believe it or not. This is due to the fact that a central vacuum has a larger motor, and therefore can produce more suction and air-flow to carry away debris. This is just another one of many central vacuum benefits.

A Central Vacuum System cleans silently

One of the greatest central vacuum benefits of a system installed by Wade’s Cyclovac is that it cleans silently because the motor is located outside of your living area, typically in the garage or basement. If you’ve ever used a portable vacuum, then you know they can be loud and annoying. That’s why we love having central vacuums in our homes—they make life so much easier! You don’t have to worry about waking up your kids or pets or neighbors anymore when cleaning. You can vacuum anytime early morning, day, or night without disturbing family members.

Central Vacuums are especially great if you have stinky pets

We all love our pets, but some of you know the pains of having dogs with skin problems, especially when using a traditional vacuum cleaner… the smell can be overwhelming. But, if you have a central vacuum system 100% of pet odors associated with standard vacuum cleaners are eliminated because all of the exhaust air is carried outside of the living area.

Central Vacuum Systems installed by Wade’s Cyclovac exhaust all dirty air outside of your home. The result is fresher indoor air with no odor or dust particles being released into the environment around you! No more stinky pet odors when vacuuming.

Central Vacuums installed by Wade’s Cyclovac Eliminate 100% of dust associated with traditional vacuum cleaners as well.

The biggest benefit of a central vacuum system installed by Wade’s Cyclovac is that it eliminates 100% of the dust associated with traditional vacuum cleaners. The reason for this is that central vacuums use pipes to suck up all the dust and dirt, which leaves no room for it to escape, and is exhausted outside of your living areas.

Another of the many central vacuum benefits is that a properly installed central vacuum system even filters better than the leading HEPA-rated vacuum cleaners available today. Remember, all exhaust air is carried away from the living areas of your home and ported outside as opposed to traditional vacuums that recirculate the smelly exhaust back into the room you are trying to clean.

Central Vacuum Systems are more convenient than regular vacuum cleaners.

You can’t deny that a central vacuum system is more convenient than a regular vacuum cleaner because of the many central vacuum benefits already mentioned, but there are more.

To use Wade’s Cyclovac central vacuum system, simply pull out the length of hose from the inlet needed to clean an area, attach the attachment of choice and start vacuuming.

When you’re finished cleaning the hose automatically stores itself away in the wall until the next time you need to clean.

A central vacuum system is easy to empty. You have your choice of using your Wade’s Cyclovac system with or without a bag. And, dirt containers are huge, typically 10 times larger than traditional vacuum cleaners. So, you typically only empty a central vacuum once a year.

A Central Vacuum System lasts longer than other vacuums.

One of the most appealing benefits of a central vacuum system is that it lasts longer than other types of vacuum cleaners. The average lifespan for a traditional, bag-style vacuum is 4 -10 years. On the other hand, central vacuums can last for up to 30 years with minimal maintenance required. Central vacuums have fewer moving parts than traditional vacuums (which means fewer chances for things to break).


A central vacuum system has dozens of benefits over traditional vacuum cleaners. These are just a few of our favorite reasons to choose a central vacuum system from Wade’s Cyclovac over any other vacuum cleaner for your home. If you are curious and want to know more, call Wade to schedule a complimentary demonstration or answer any of your questions.